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We put our knowledge and experience at your disposal as a lever to achieve your growth and value maximization goals. Here we show you our vision of the main trends that are emerging in different sectors and the tools that can help you face these new challenges.

Implementation of a 13-week cashflow forecast

An effective cash flow forecast allows you to anticipate and imagine the cash flow situation that the company will have at any given time. We show you how to implement a 13-week cashflow forecast that allows you to take that view forward.

Key elements in the monetization of working capital

How to obtain financing through the early realization of the company’s liquid assets or the deferral of obligations to suppliers without affecting the business relationship.

Implementation of Sales & Operation Planning models

We show you how to implement an S&OP planning model in the medical-surgical sector to improve working capital management.


Our services are focused on solving the problems that companies suffer most intensely and that we have helped to solve throughout our more than 15 years of history.

Mejora de Procesos - BPM

Transformation of the company’s operational processes and organization to optimize working capital in a sustainable basis over time.

Diseño Organizativo 4.0

Implementation of procedures and financial instruments to increase available cash and improve the financial structure.

Internacionalización Refinanciación Re-estructuración

Addition of technological tools that generate exponential improvements in performance, communication and information management.

PTC (Plan Total de Circulante)

Redesign of the company’s management model to adapt it to rapid growth, whether organic or inorganic.

AI & Big Data

Reordering of functional areas to corporate structures in order to adapt to a new situation.


Organization’s processes Improvement to raise the company’s profitability on a permanent basis.