Integrated Cash Management



Your company may be in any of the following situations:

  • Lack of a Treasury Department or it doesn’t meet management needs
  • Lack of valid information about the probable development of cash and what has happened in the cash positions
  • Lack  of the tools needed for decision making and the negotiation with financial institutions
  • Need support in renegotiating  current debt or implementing new financing facilities.
  • Treasury departments with optimized organization, processes and information, forecasting, taking decisions and managing cash according to  the business needs and maximizing financial results
  • The optimum financial and cash structure in relation with the operational and investment needs of the company; with operative financial instruments managed internally


  • Reduction of the personnel for bank accounting in 1 FTE
  • Reduction of the average borrowing rate by 1,5%
  • Minimization of idle balances of 50% leaving them at the minimum technical level


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