90 Day Plan



The purpose of this product is to allow the take of control of a Company after only three months from its acquisition by applying an structured plan which not only intends to avoid risks and correct critical situations previously identified but to use that period to incorporate improvement opportunities which can be rapidly implemented (quick wins).

  • Global GB Consulting prepares this plan jointly with the shareholder and, if possible, with the help of the Company management, identifying the most relevant actions in relation to legal and formal issues, the organization, the processes and the information systems of the Company.
  • Later, Global GB Consulting supports the follow up of the execution of the plan, securing and monitoring its implementation and supplying any difficulty detected.

Securing an effective take of control by:

  • Establishment of the tasks to do, its prioritization, contents and responsables
  • Start up of the plan and its follow up
  • Monitoring of the progress, with proposals of change due to contingencies detected


  • Take of control of the participated Company after the acquisition in the time established
  • As part of the plan, the implementation of new financial facilities, changing the internal procedures and systems in order to integrate them with the financial entities


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