During this period we have provided value to the companies and their shareholders, with close to 250 projects developed for more than 100 customers.Noticias-10-anos-ing

We have developed projects also for private equity funds (22 have confided in us), entrepreneurs and other public and private institutions; and worked for companies of different sizes in different industries (from 3 M € to more than 1000 M € of revenue).

With our collaboration our clients improved their results by reducing costs, generated more cash by managing better their working capital, improved their information systems in order to take decisions, increased their international presence, integrated companies, optimized cash management, reviewed in depth their systems strategy, improved their operations and processes and many other value added solutions.

All of them focused on to increase the company’s value working on the key elements to achieve it.


Our main goal is always to offer the best of us through our consulting approach which may be defined as: making things happen.


Technology Innovation

noticias6_cThe innovation has been a fundamental part of our development during these years, we have introduced new technologies taking into account which were advanced, easy to use, cost effective, and looking always to facilitate the access to the information.

This innovation has allowed us to introduce standard solutions (ERP, Content Management, Workflow, Business Intelligence), and to collaborate in the Web implementations of our customers, culminating with the introduction of our collaborative platform E-client.


E-client is a development of Global GB Consulting, designed in order to share information of the projects with our customers, providing access to the key data of each project, using multiplatform, giving to the executives the possibility to find information and act based on it, using any type of device from anywhere at any time, being updated about the evolution and achievements of each action plan.


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